Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) is the NSP’s signature course offering.  This emergency medical responder course is tailored to the non-urban rescuer.  This course is required of all NSP patroller members and is offered primarily through NSP patrols, though some NSP affiliate organizations (link here) offer the course as well.  Outdoor Emergency Care includes instruction on

  • performing safe and effective stabilization and extrication of injured persons in the outdoor environment
  • scene safety (identifying hazards to both responders and visitors)
  • safe and efficient use of outdoor emergency care skills to prevent further injury to visitors

OEC is considered the standard of training for emergency care in the outdoor environment and is recognized by resorts and recreational facilities in all 50 states.  The current national course fee is $60 and an annual refresher course is required to maintain certification. 

Please contact the patrol you are interested in working with (link here to Divisions and Patrols) to determine their OEC course offerings. 

Outdoor First Care

Outdoor First Care (OFC) is the NSP’s first responder course designed for those interested in serving as Mountain Hosts at ski areas and others who need an entry-level first aid course.  The course

  • is offered through patrols
  • includes content knowledge and hands-on skills training and evaluation
  • results in a two-year certification

The current national course fee is $25. There is no refresher requirement for this course and renewal courses are offered with no national course fee.

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