NSP Exchange Visitor Program Guidelines

The National Ski Patrol has been utilizing the Exchange Visitor Program (EVP) for 25 years under the supervision of NSP Alumni member Bob Black. The EVP is run through the U.S. State Department and offers several programs for foreign nationals to come to the U.S. through a J1 Visa Sponsorship. The National Ski Patrol (NSP) utilizes the EVP to bring international patrollers to the U.S. as Specialists. While the international patrollers learn about local best practices and systems, local patrollers gain exposure to international expertise and skills. The international patroller must get approval from the U.S. Patrol Director before starting the approval process.


All Patrols

o Paid/ Full Time Employment

o Ages 18+

o Patrols in the United States


Ski/ Winter Season

o September 15th – May 15th (30 Day grace period after departure date)

o Applications accepted at NSP national office March 1 – December 31


 $400 application fee per Exchange Visitor Patroller

o $0 for J2 family members

Children must be under the age of 21 throughout the visa sponsorship

Patroller must be married to spouse/partner (no girlfriends/boyfriends)

 Payment

o Application fee payment will be accepted through PayPal from either the mountain or patroller within 60 days of the DS2019 form submission

o A domestic check will also be accepted

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Approval Process

Exchange Visitor Patroller reaches out to the patrol that he/she would like to join and gets approval from the Patrol Director. To find contact information about U.S. patrols please click on link https://www.nsp.org/NSPMember/About_Us/Who_s_Who/Who_s_Who_Roster/NSPMember/About_Us/Whos_Who/Who_sWho.aspx?hkey=4e87deca-6ae8-40ac-a98f-270c7ddea9a7

Exchange Visitor Patroller sends request via email to memberrecords@nsp.org

 ARO/RO sends introduction letter to patroller via email requesting documentation in physical form:

o Notarized copy of passport

o Certified copy of birth certificate

o 4 passport-sized photos in color

o Resume/CV

o Arrival date in the U.S.

o Contact information (email, phone number, U.S. physical address)

o Additional J2 information, if applicable

o *If they are a returning Exchange Visitor Patroller, we don’t need J1/J2 documentation if already on file at the national office*

 Documentation and PD approval email must be received by the NSP office

 ARO/RO processes the patroller’s information in the SEVIS website and generates a DS2019 form

 ARO/RO sends follow up email letter with patroller’s SEVIS ID# and instructions on how to set up an embassy interview in the patroller’s home country

 ARO/RO sends DS2019 form via USPS to the patroller’s address

 Exchange Visitor Patroller notifies the NSP office of arrival in the U.S. within 30 days of the assigned arrival date

 ARO/RO changes patroller’s status to active in the SEVIS website

Bob Black (RO) Charles Buckman (ARO) Meegan Moszynski (ARO)

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