NSP patroller members can take advantage of several advanced certifications beyond the initial Outdoor Emergency Care course requirement. 

The Senior program includes three options

  • Alpine Senior for those patrollers who are certified to run toboggans
  • Nordic Senior for those patrollers who are classified as Nordic/Backcountry
  • Senior Patroller for those patrollers who do not run toboggans, but primarily work in the aid room

The Certified program is the highest level of certification for alpine patrollers.  It enables patrollers to build on their experiences gained while patrolling and through other NSP programs.  It consists of six core modules which require independent training, advanced research, and an evaluation to complete.

  • Area operations and risk management
  • Avalanche management
  • Emergency care
  • Lift evacuation and rope knowledge
  • Skiing/snowboarding
  • Toboggan handling

The Nordic Master program is the highest level of certification for nordic/backcountry patrollers.  It trains patrollers to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to independently provide emergency care when needed and to sustain themselves in a winter environment over a multi-day period.  Required topics include

  • timed nordic skiing
  • wilderness patient transport
  • ropes, belays and anchors
  • map reading, including use of GPS
  • avalanche terrain analysis, safety, and organized search techniques